Cloudtop Cruise


  • After Turn 1, you can release a mini turbo on the bouncepad to bounce really far.
  • On the final turn, you can drift onto the first leaf and then trick to the second in order to cut past the turn.


  • Aside from shocks, this track is really good for running due to there being no item shortcuts.
  • Power items can be used to chain into the second set due to only running out after the first glider and giving invincibility from shocks if you have a star/bullet.
  • Part of the track is in a thunderstorm, so Lightning is obviously a good item in this track. Due to how long the glider sections are, target shocks are super powerful.
  • Bob-ombs can be placed by the split paths on the ship, the first glider ramp, or one of the leaves in the final shortcut.