Dry Dry Desert


  • On virtually the entire track, you can use mushrooms to zoom across the grass. However, some of these shortcuts are better than others.
    • At the final turn to the first turn, you can use power items to skip across large portions of the track.
  • If you use a mini turbo at the S turn, you can boost to the ramp.


  • If you're in a frontrunning position on this track, good luck. This track is one of the best bagging tracks in the game due to its offroad shortcuts.
  • If you choose to bag(good choice), don't try and get ahead immediately. The first two laps are basically irrelevant due to the large shortcuts from power items. Instead, stay back(at a reasonable distance), gather items, and wait until the end of the second lap to strike.
  • Make sure that you save a power item for the final shortcut. A lot of racers use it to get ahead, so don't get overtaken by not having a mushroom.