Mount Wario


  • On the S turn in Section 1, you can shroom through the offroad.
  • On the final turn in Section 1, you can hop above the ground while drifting to skip the turn.
  • At the snow glider, you can release a mini turbo or shroom to pass the snow and take a glide.
  • At the very last turn, you can shroom through the snow.


  • Due to being a 3 section course, Mount Wario is good for frontrunning.
  • However, the final stretch can decide the whole race due to the power items and straightaway. Because of this, try to either create a huge lead or get an invincibility item on the ski jump section.
  • In particular, if you use a shock at the final set, you can take away a lot of other items while also zooming ahead on the shortcut.
  • You can place Bob-ombs at the first ramp for lap 2, the snow glider cut, and on one of the slalom turns.