Big Blue


  • On the final 3 turns in the first lap, you can use a mushroom to drive over the purple offroad sections.
  • After starting the second section, you can jump over the gap from the first turn on the right path to save time.
  • On the second turn in the second lap, you can jump from it to the straightaway with coin pads.
  • At the split paths in the final lap, start on the purple path, transition to the green path at the second turn, and then jump to the third item set for the fastest route.
  • At the final stretch, you can use a mushroom to boost straight past the offroad section.


  • If a shock isn't pulled(which is likely), then Big Blue is a really good frontrunning track.
  • Shocks can turn the tide of the race in the late stages due to how much Big Blue depends on good lines and how fast section 3 is.
  • Power items can be used after the conveyor belts in section 3 to zoom ahead before the final set.
  • Traps can be dropped at the water split paths, the conveyor belts in section 3, the split paths in section 3, and the final S turn.