Music Park


  • After driving past the Piranha Plants, you can use a mushroom or a mini turbo to get to the ramp.
  • It's possible to trick off one of the sharp notes while drifting, but it's risky.
  • You can release a mini turbo while you're on the first bouncepad to bounce really far.
  • By drifting into the second bouncepad, you can skip the final turn while also dodging the offroad section.
    • You can also use a mushroom across the grass, but it doesn't save much time.


  • Music Park is a very good running track, so pick this when ahead.
  • The best time to use Bullet Bills/Golden Mushrooms is at the straightaway before the final turn.
  • You can target shock people by using lightning while frontrunners are on a bouncepad.
  • Bob-ombs can best trap racers at the xylophones, the final set, and the final turn.