Mario Kart Stadium


  • On Turn 2, you can cut across the grass using a mini turbo or a mushroom.
  • On Turn 3, you can get to the ramp on the grass section by boosting/drifting onto it.
  • On the glider section, you can drift into the left side, bump into the wall, and release an ultra mini turbo to glide over the final turn.
  • Alternatively, you can use a mushroom on the final turn to cut past the pipes.


  • Bob-ombs and traps are pretty punishing on this course. You can place one on the Turn 2 Shortcut or the left part of the glider ramp to prevents others from taking shortcuts.
  • If behind, use Lightning/Bullet Bill after the second set. Also, use the star or the golden mushroom to skip the last and first turn.
  • If ahead, lay traps and utilize the glider skip in order to frontrun. Also, the double item box in the second set can be crucial in close situations.